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HP has launched a revolutionary new solution exclusively in India ¬ HP VideoBook HP VideoBook is based on an intelligent HP Labs © algorithm that leverages the vast online library of videos and makes them available in the context of the document. This provides an enhanced, immersive learning experience by augmenting plain text with relevant videos. Contextual videos are sourced from single or multiple repositories on the organization’s Intranet or from the Internet. These are then displayed alongside text, turning plain text documents into rich media documents. Since 70% of the human brain…Read more

Red Hat Training

The Value of Red Hat Training Red Hat Training’s hands-on, task-focused courses help IT professionals and developers build the skills they need to implement real-world changes—better and faster. We’ve helped nearly two-million students worldwide get the most out of their Red Hat technology deployments. Learn directly from the source and get the most relevant, current, and comprehensive education available anywhere. Next, prove your or your staff’s true capabilities through our Red Hat certification program. All Red Hat certification exams are performance based: candidates for certificaiton must show they can perform tasks similar to…Read more

HP Software University

HP Software University program is an initiative driven by the HP Education Services. This program has a distinct edge over the other competitors as listed below Scales up to the latest technology in the Software Testing domain Facilitates students to get the benefit of a corporate training at an affordable price Imparts courses in Software testing domain that are globally recognized Bridges the gap between the University curriculum courses and actual industry experience Provides practical hands-on experience in using some of the HP Software Testing tools HP Software University primarily focuses on imparting…Read more

HP Education Services

The HP Education Services program is a world-class certification program benchmarked around the world to ensure validation of the technical and sales competencies with the expertise needed to plan, deploy, support and service HP technology and solutions. Nobody knows HP products and technologies better than HP, with experienced consultants, IT developers and instructors HP Education Services delivers quality global training services. Read MoreRead more


First there was the Stone Age, then the Bronze Age, and later the Industrial Age. Now, we are in the Digital Age. The Digital Age brings opportunities never before dreamed of, but to take advantage, you must be prepared. And what is the best way to prepare for success in this digital age? The answer is IC3 certification. IC3 gives you a clear advantage over other, lesser- prepared individuals, and whether you are competing in the classroom or the job market, IC3 moves you ahead. You don’t have to be focusing on a…Read more

Autodesk Certified User

Career and technical education programs across the United States equip students with marketable 2D and 3D design skills by teaching them to use state of the art Autodesk® design software. Autodesk Certified User certification confirms students have the skills necessary to continue their design careers whether they attend college, enter the workforce or work toward additional levels of industry certification after graduation. Read MoreRead more

Adobe® Certified Associate

They say that opportunity knocks but once. Well, we politely beg to differ. With Adobe® Certified Associate (ACA) certification, students are uniquely positioned for digital media opportunities in today’s challenging job market. So when opportunity (cleverly disguised as a hiring manager) comes knocking—they’ll be ready. But, why does certification matter, and what does it actually do for students? Becoming Adobe® certified helps students retain what is learned, and ultimately, reduces the time-to-productivity curve that new hires typically experience. Simply stated, certified students are more attractive to potential employers and better prepared to hit…Read more

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Certification

Looking for a first step toward building a successful career in technology? Microsoft Technology Associate is the way to differentiate technology competency and explore academic and career options. MTA makes it easy for schools to deliver technology education through a simple,convenient, and affordable suite of entry-level certification exams. The MTA certification program is good for educators and students, as well as their institutions. Educators are empowered with easy-to-use Internet-based testing, students get the opportunity to earn a Microsoft certification right in the classroom, and institutions stand out as innovative technology curriculum providers. Read…Read more

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification is the leading IT certification in the world with more than 1 million exams are taken every year in over 140 countries. MOS certification exams have utilized performance-based testing technology for years and this certification led the IT industry in performance-based testing. The new exams improve upon previous live-in-the-application testing environment by enabling even more real-world functionality and project and standards-based outcome testing. This certification helps you to demonstrate that you have good knowledge, skills and abilities to productively use Microsoft Office. MOS enables you to tap the…Read more