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HP has launched a revolutionary new solution exclusively in India ¬ HP VideoBook
HP VideoBook is based on an intelligent HP Labs © algorithm that leverages the vast online library of videos and makes them available in the context of the document. This provides an enhanced, immersive learning experience by augmenting plain text with relevant videos.

Contextual videos are sourced from single or multiple repositories on the organization’s Intranet or from the Internet. These are then displayed alongside text, turning plain text documents into rich media documents.

Since 70% of the human brain is dedicated to visual processing, HP VideoBook is the perfect learning method catering to the way the brain naturally works.

stemSTEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) forms a core part of developing a child’s thinking abilities at an early stage. HP VideoBook is a solution specially designed for STEM learning enabling a child to have a holistic and deeper understanding of a subject by watching related videos (lectures, animations, demonstrations, experiments). It provides students with a richer learning experience and engages them beyond class hours. VideoBook promotes practical understanding and creative thinking by presenting real life applications of the concepts learnt in class.
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“In today’s IT world we have everything to read and learn but we parents do not have either time nor lack of knowledge to pull right information to kids, this Video book will help and drive kids to the right direction and help to gain good knowledge in their academics.”

BC Anil Kumar

“We introduced VideoBook to our daughter as a supplement to her school work. She was able to grasp the concepts by watching couple of these videos. She is now using the visuals in VideoBook to complement her studies. While school work enables her to test her knowledge, she uses VideoBook to understand the concepts right.”

Sriharsha Narasimhan
Father of Ruhita, Grade 7

“HP VideoBook is a novel concept for students to study at home. The video series make the learning very fun for the kids. For my daughter learning through HP VideoBook is more fun and entertaining!”

Senthil Kumar N
(father of Shikha S, Chennai)

“VideoBook is very informative, there are lots of video to learn from. Many of them are related to the curriculum and very fascinating to watch and learn.”


“I have been using HP VideoBook for the last one month for my son who is in Class I. It has an easy to navigate interface. Even my son is able to figure out information like how the digestive system works”

Lavanya Mohan

“I like the ease of use without any distractive or advertisement on the page. I started using this every day after school hours, to revise and understand concepts that was taught at school. Especially Science videos are very very impressive.”

Indiranagar, Chennai.
(opted for 7th Standard)