Online classroom-technology course

If there’s one thing that teachers everywhere can agree upon, it’s that classroom technology seems to change at an ever-increasing pace. The good news is that the benefits of technology in the classroom are endless. The tools available to the modern teacher can make the job easier than ever, if you know how to maximize their potential. At ed2go, we can help you update your technology skills for the 21st century, increasing your value to current or future employers—and increasing your earning potential and career opportunities, as well. As a teacher, new classroom technology is all around you. While you may think you know how to integrate technology in the classroom, brushing up on the latest developments is always a good idea. For example, do you know how to use your SMART board? Have you ever wanted to create a classroom website? Perhaps you just want to learn more generally about the best technology for your classroom. We can show you all this and more, and we do it all online, in a convenient, open-enrollment format. Enroll today and stay ahead of the curve.

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