Online Reading and Writing Course

Do you appreciate a good book, or love expressing yourself through writing? Do you want to put your passion to work by educating the minds of the future? Whether you’re currently an educator or are thinking about embarking on a new and rewarding career, ed2go can help you discover new methods and improve the way you teach your writing and reading courses. Our online classes are an easy and convenient way to pursue your professional development as a teacher. Learning to write is important not only for success in school, but in life. With ed2go’s comprehensive classes in ESL/EFL grammar and vocabulary, you can help your students learn how to improve their English writing skills. And in our reading classes, we’ll show you how to maximize student achievement in all sorts of environments, from ESL/EFL to differentiated classrooms. We’ll explore the latest research and show you modern approaches to teaching that will get results—and impress your administrators. There’s no need to wait: with our open-enrollment format, you can get started right away and quickly improve your career prospects.

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